Gravit8 Give
To give back to the community, Gravit8 have an initiative called Gravit8 Give.

The mandate is simple; collect old workstations / laptops, reload them with a Linux operating system, and then donate these to churches, schools, and those in need. Where and when we can, we offer work experience to students in the form of mentoring during the rebuild and reload phase.

Being part of MICT SETA, Gravit8 constantly have a number of interns getting mentorship and work experience. To date, we have mentored eight interns, and offered full-time positions to five of these.

Where possible, Gravit8 offer reduced markups and labour rates to NGO and NPO companies. We frequently contribute to campaigns and organisations such as Mandela Day, NSRI, Marie Stopes South Africa, OBSID, VWS, SANCCOB and SPCA to name but a few.