Mobility Solutions

In an increasingly online world, access to customer information, company documents, calendars and workflow is a critical component of staff productivity. Businesses require streamlined solutions that allow seamless collaboration between mobile and office-based workforces. Gravit8 enables office environments that provide mobility in a managed and coordinated manner.

Microsoft Office 365 (O365)

O365 is Microsoft’s cloud-based word processing solution. Emails that were traditionally stored onsite, on an Exchange Server, are now being stored on the Microsoft cloud. This not only saves on Exchange Server software and licensing but reduces the need for capital expenditure on server hardware.

O365 comes in a variety of packages, so it’s advisable to contact us to guide you on the best fit for you needs. We have completed many successful O365 migrations be it onsite Exchange servers or G-Suite setups, we have done it all.

O365 licensing can be offered on an annual or monthly basis.

CAS SmartWe

Gravit8 are the South African agents for the German xRM system, CAS Software. We have been partners with this international solution for over five years now and continue to assist multinational companies, with South African branches, using CAS.

SmartWe® is a platform that supports your team in their daily work with fascinatingly simple contact management, central document storage, team calendar and lead management. With SmartWe, you can delight your customers day after day. Signing up is a per user cost and simply done online:

VPN Access

By making use of a Sophos XG Firewall, we are able to setup a secure VPN tunnel to offices/branches. Depending on the traffic flow, data size, and staff compliment, we can either setup a single VPN tunnel which users can dial into (with or without two factor authentication), or a permanent VPN connection can be configured for seamless multi-office network integration.

Tell us what you’d like and we’ll make it happen with the correct hardware.

Voice over IP (VoIP)

In its simplest form VoIP allows users to make and receive phone calls over the internet. VoIP requires three elements:

1. Hardware – handsets (cabled or cordless) and routers
2. Software – virtual PBX, extensions, licenses and softphones
3. Internet Connectivity – a dedicated connection or a portion of a primary connection with quality of service (QoS) configure for VoIP traffic.

We are able to offer all three of these elements and have successfully assisted many clients on the migration from Telkom to VoIP.

Adobe Creative Cloud for Teams

Adobe’s cloud offering gives you their FULL suite of products on a 12-month license. Single applications can also be purchased for 12-months, but the moment you have two single applications, it’s cheaper to get the full suite.

Contact us and we will advise on the best licensing model for you.

Acronis Access / Files Advanced & Acronis Files Connect

Acronis Access / Files Advanced is an on-premise enterprise file sync and share solution that balances employees’ need to use all their devices to be productive with the company’s need for data security, visibility and compliance. Basically a type of Dropbox which is stored on your local servers.

Acronis Files Connect solves the problem of when Mac users try to access Windows file servers and NAS devices. Typically these users suffer from poor performance, data integrity issues, slow searches, and many other disruptive problems. Acronis Files Connect resolves this and reduces user frustration.

At Gravit8 our goal is not only to assist our customers with maintaining their infrastructure but also to build up their infrastructure with equipment that will bring benefits to their business.