It is not surprising that the number of cyber-attacks continues to increase rapidly year on year, without any signs of slowing down. In today’s IT age, the value of company data and intellectual property cannot be overstated. Unfortunately, due to the lack of a dedicated IT security team, which bigger organisations would have, the trend is that cyber-criminals are focusing their attacks on SME’s.

Whether you need to invest in email security, end-point protection or asset management to protect your IT assets from theft, Gravit8 is well positioned to offer you complete peace of mind with a variety of solutions.

End User Awareness Training

You can put multiple layers of security in your organisation, but there will always be an element of human involvement. Stats differ depending on where you look, but the general consensus is that more than 90% of security breaches involve an error by an employee.

We have tested a number of awareness training programs, most are boring, causing employees to simply tune out or avoid them completely. Mimecast Awareness Training on the other hand features short and genuinely funny videos on a wide variety of security topics, written by real comedy writers. These training videos provide persistent, non-intrusive training that change behaviour, improves knowledge and helps employees retain information in sessions that lasts just 3 to 5 minutes each month.

Mimecast AT1 is offered on a month by month basis. Cost is per human.


ISO & Cyber Essentials Consultants

Gravit8 have experience in assisting clients with both their CSE, CSE+, and ISO27001 accreditation.

An environment is assessed, policies and procedures reviewed and then a list of recommendations discussed to align with the various prerequisites.

The consulting process is billed at a flat fee based on the size of the company / organisation. For those clients which wish to keep their fingers on the pulse, Gravit8 are able to continually monitor compliance as a monthly service.


Libraesva Email Security is an Integrated Email Security Solution. We deliver advanced security for cloud-based email platforms. Email Security protects Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace using multiple layers of protection, both at the Gateway and API layers, so multiple solutions are not needed. Email threats like phishing attacks, email fraud, and BEC are stopped before reaching their target.

Besides scanning emails for spam and cyber risks, LibraeSVA is also able to encrypt and archive emails for governance, risk and compliance.

LibraeSVA is offered on a month to month basis. Cost is per mailbox.

Gravit8 Services Security ESET Logo

ESET Endpoint Protection

Gravit8 have been an ESET reseller since they opened their South African office around 2004. All Gravit8 staff are well trained in the ESET product stack and believe the performance to system impact is the best around.

ESET makes the only product to ever pass the magical threshold of 100 VB100 Awards by Virus Bulletin. You can read there security packed blog here.

We are able to offer ESET on an annual or month to month basis. Cost is per device.

Sophos Firewalls & Encryption

With the POPI and GDPR legislations, Gravit8 suggest that a Sophos XGS firewall and Sophos encryption is the bare minimum customers should have implemented in their company. The XGS firewalls are constantly featured on Gartner’s Magic Quadrant as Industry leaders, confirming that we have selected the correct firewall to align ourselves with.

Sophos Central Device Encryption uses the built-in BitLocker (Windows) and FileVault (Mac) but allows encrypted devices to be centrally managed in the event that keys need to be recovered, or proof of encryption required.

Due to our expertise, Sophos have recognised Gravit8 as official Sophos Firewall Partners. This exclusive accreditation demonstrates that we are experts in network protection and able to add additional layers to protect our customers and their data.

We are able to offer the XGS Firewalls as HaaS (Hardware as a Service) or the once-off purchase with annual licensing.

Encryption can be offered on an annually or month to month basis. Cost is per device.

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Qualys Vulnerability Management

A vulnerability management software helps you measure known and unknown risks, prioritize and communicate risk across vulnerabilities, and patch any device anywhere.

  • Identify assest automatically
  • Detect vulnerabilities and misconfigs in real-time
  • Automate & prioritize remediation

Per device cost, per month


Mimecast is a cloud-based email security and compliance platform. It offers industry leading email protection, allows for tamper proof email archiving (up to 100 years) as well as central email signature management.

Mimecast is offered on an annual or month to month. Cost is per human.

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Truecaller for Business

Truecaller for Business

Standout from the clutter with Verified Business Caller ID.

  • Establish brand identity
  • Get actionable customer feedback
  • Reach more customers
  • Grow your business

Per phone number cost, per year

Gravit8’s expertise in business data protection and hardware security ensures that we provide our customers with a complete security solution.