Backup & Recovery

Pro-actively planning for disaster is something that most businesses do not consider until it is too late. The mistake that many businesses do, is view backups as a technology issue, when in fact it’s a business issue. Losing critical data and experiencing downtime as a result of hardware failure or human error can result in lost productivity, opportunity, and business.
Gravit8 appreciates the value of business continuity and offers our customer strategic planning and disaster recovery advice that will minimise the effects of unpredictable disasters. We provide an end-to-end backup and recovery offering to all of our clients.

Online Backup

Gravit8 make use of the Acronis Backup Cloud solution to backup client data to the Gravit8 Private cloud. The initial snapshot of data is done onsite and then uploaded in our office to save you on data costs and traffic bottlenecking. The backups are protected with military grade encryption and have a version control of up to 30 copies. Your encrypted data is stored within the borders of South Africa, so the solution does abide by the POPI requirements. The solution is automatic, so as long as you have an internet connection, the backups will run; there is no human intervention required. We have a dedicated resource monitoring backup jobs, so if there is a failure, it will be investigated and the backup re-run.

Our online backup solution can also backup O365 mailboxes, SharePoint Sites, and G-Suite.

Onsite Backup

Although we strongly suggest that all clients have a cloud backup element to their backup strategy, it is also good practise to have an onsite equivalent. For onsite solutions, we make use of Acronis to complete backup schedules. Depending on the storage locations, we will either recommend an annual of monthly Acronis licensing model. Typically our onsite backups make use of a number of rotating 2.5” removable drives.

Power Solutions

With the current state of ESKOM, it’s advisable that you protect your electronic devices. This can be done via a simple surge protection plug, or an uninterrupted power supply (UPS). The mistake that many make, is the expectation that a UPS keep your devices running whilst the power is out. An UPS is there to protect your electric equipment from power dips and surges, as well as to allow you enough time to finish what you are working on and then safety shutdown your device; not continue working.

If you are in the need of a solution that keeps your equipment up and running until the power returns, you need to look at an inverter. This is costly affair and requires an electrician to install. 

We have a close partnership with a power company, so are able to offer all power solutions depending on your uptime requirements.

Data Recovery

Disasters happen, some can be avoided completely whilst others need to be prepared for. In order to minimising technology related disasters, a risk assessment and preparedness plan needs to be in place.

Gravit8 are able to offer a wide array of DR services from multi geographical storage locations for backups, to providing a warm site for key operational staff members.

Contact us to assist with a risk assessment and a DR plan.

In current times IT has become a critical part of most businesses. For SME’s it is important to have a reliable infrastructure that enables the company to run fast and efficiently.