Hardware & Software

Gravit8 offers expert advice on keeping your business up to date with the latest hardware while still ensuring return on investment from existing infrastructure. Whether it’s the much touted “mobility” trend involving Smart-phones or Tablets, the “Big data” trends involving storage and servers, or the “cloud computing” trends involving thin clients and virtual machines, Gravit8 is able to guide you to the best hardware solutions that put your business needs before the trends.

Gravit8 has accounts at all the major hardware and software vendors in South Africa. We will always recommend those products best suited to an environment, and do have a set of tried, tested, and preferred brands that we know have performed well within the SMB market. We will always try our best to source what you require, or at the very least point you in the right direction. It is very seldom that we are unable to fulfil a client’s request.
For our MSP clients, we are able to offer Hardware as a Service (HaaS). This entails the paying of an agreed upon amount for IT equipment for a minimum of 36-months. After this period, the hardware is replaced and the cycle restarted. HaaS now turns your IT equipment “purchasing” from a CAPEX into an OPEX.