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Although Gravit8 strive to always provide the best possible customer service, we have to enforce certain terms and conditions due to restrictions placed upon us.

Below you can find our terms and conditions although we strive to always provide our customer with the best possible outcome.


Gravit8 I.T. staff are trained to provide expert advice on customer requirements. However the onus falls upon the customer to draw attention to any specific requirements they might have. Gravit8 quotes provide detailed descriptions of the products or services being quoted. Acceptance of the quote is accepting the product or service as it is. If any specific requirements are not listed in the description the customer must ask for more details. Gravit8 quotes expire on the expiry date shown on the quote. This is a short period due to the continuous changes to pricing within the computer industry.


An invoice is issued once a quote is accepted and the product or service has been ordered. Payment or proof thereof is required upon delivery of the product or service unless terms have been agreed with Gravit8.

Return Policy:

Products can be returned free of charge if they are in their original, sealed packaging within the first 7 days. In specific situations if sealed packaging has been removed but the product is in perfect, working condition and in its original box it may be returned free of charge within 3 days. Any other returns are dependent on the return policy of our suppliers and will be explained to the customer in each situation. Handling fees will be applicable according to our supplier’s demands. Returns of products with an invoice total of more than R8000 incl. VAT will not be permitted. In addition any custom spec PC’s and laptops cannot be returned, if they are faulty they will be replaced as long as the product is under warranty.

Faulty equipment:

Faulty equipment will be inspected by a Gravit8 member of staff and will make every attempt to get a free replacement as soon as possible, provided the product is under guarantee. If the product is not under guarantee and needs to be repaired, it will be sent in for a quote. If accepted, this quote will be payable in full to Gravit8 on delivery of the repaired item