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I'm tired of typing web addresses out when using Safari on my iPad. How to I bookmark a page so that its only a click away?
Once a bookmark has been created, it is literally two clicks away. Download the HowTo to see how to create this bookmark.

HowTo: Set a bookmark on my iPad
How do I create an easy to access bookmark on my iPad's home screen?
This is very easy to do, please download the below HowTo for a step by step guide.

HowTo: Send a bookmark to my iPad's home screen
Everything on my PC seems to take longer than it used to. I have to wait for applications to open and close. I think I may have a virus but I am not sure. What can I do?
Slower than usual PC performance is a clear indicator that something is not right. And more often than not it is some form of malicious software that has found its way onto your PC. While there is no substitute for a good antivirus program, there are some tools one can use in an emergency. One of the very best malware scanners is Malwarebytes. It is a very powerful application that can detect and clean most malware and the best part is, it’s FREE. Follow the guide provided to download, install and run Malwarebytes.

How to install and run Malwarebytes
My internet connection speed used to be fast, but lately it seems to be slower than normal. What can I do?
The first step to take when you seem to have a slow internet connection is to find out exactly what speed you are getting and compare it to what you are paying for. If your real-time speeds are significantly slower than what you are paying for then you should contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and or Telkom to determine the root of the issue. To perform a real-time internet speed test, follow the guide provided here.

How to run an internet speed test
I got the following email on my BlackBerry: Action required: update password! Update the password for (Your email address) in the BlackBerry Internet Service! Email messages from (Your email address) are not being delivered to your BlackBerry device. To resume receiving email messages from this email address, update the password for (Your email address) Open you Blackberry Internet Service account by completing one of the following actions: 1. Click the email setup application on your device. 2. Using a browser on your computer, visit the BlackBerry Internet Service web site. What does this mean?
This normally occurs when your email account is setup to connect to an MS Exchange server and the connection is lost for some or other reason. Your BlackBerry then attempts to reconnect using the credentials it has stored but fails (because the server is "down"). The BlackBerry then assumes that the credentials are incorrect and prompts you to reenter them. To see how to correct this issue, please download the HowTo pdf document.

How to re-enter my BlackBerry password
Email recipients are getting bounce back emails saying that my mailbox is full; I am now unable to receive any new mails...
Your email client has most probably been setup to leave emails on the mail server. By default Office 2007 & 2010 leave emails on your mail server for 14 days. Please download the HowTo pdf document to see how to edit these settings.

How to configure Outlook 2010 to not leave mail on the server
How can I add a "shortcut" to a folder on another PC / laptop / server? For example, my colleague has a folder on his PC which I need to access, is there a way in which I can access this folder by simply clicking on My Computer?
Please download the HowTo pdf document to see easy to follow steps on how to do this.

How to map a network drive
I have more than one printer, how do I make a particular one my default?
1. Click on the START/WINDOWS button and go to your CONTROL PANEL or you can select DEVICES AND PRINTERS 2. If you selected CONTROL PANNEL select DEVICES AND PRINTERS 3. Right click on the printer you want to make your default printer and select SET AS DEFAULT PRINTER

How to setup a default printer