IT Made Simple

IT made simple

In current times IT has become a critical part of most businesses. For SME’s it is important to have a reliable infrastructure that enables the company to run fast and efficiently.

At Gravit8 our goal is not only to assist our customers with maintaining their infrastructure but also to build up their infrastructure with equipment that will bring benefits to their business. This, coupled with fast and efficient support, has allowed us to build long term relationships with our customers, many of whom have been with us for many years.

This track record we have with our clients has allowed us to take over other aspects of their IT such as ADSL internet access, Telkom lines and website and email hosting.

Gravit8 has an exceptional team of people enabling us to support our clients with excellent service and excellent response to IT problems. Having been in business for more than eight years and having more than fifty years of experience and knowledge in the IT Industry our customers are assured of having stable, solid IT Support with a wealth of knowledge about a wide variety of technologies.

As you can see above Gravit8 offers SME’s Network Support, Internet access, various website and email hosting packages and of course I.T. hardware and software. Covering all those areas allows us to do what we do best and provide complete IT solutions for our customers giving them a single point of contact for all of their IT needs and problems.

Each of our services holds many options that we use to tailor our services to our clients depending on their size and needs. Click on the different areas above to find out more about how we achieve IT made simple!

What is xRM?

The CRM movement has become a part of most businesses throughout the world. CRM stands for customer relationship management and the ever growing world of CRM IT systems is proof that businesses understand the importance of their customers and the need to manage the relationships their business has with it’s customers.


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